Journey to Camel-Lot is a mobile game that contains hundreds of microgames within it, each with varying styles and objectives.

For complete information about Journey To Camel-Lot and to play the game today visit our launch campaign on Kickstarter

Do you have what it takes to become a Knight of the Round Table of Camel-Lot?


The Campaign for Journey to Camel-Lot

Incredibly fun and frustratingly addictive "micro-games" on the way to iOS and Android

February 19, 2013 – El Segundo, CA — MABA Media will be releasing an iOS and Android game this April called Journey to Camel-Lot, a “micro-game” genre experience that has been lacking in mobile marketplaces for years. To raise funds for initial licensing, legal, and development expenses, the company recently started a Kickstarter campaign, and as of the time of this release has achieved near 10% of it’s crowd-funding goal within the first days of the campaign.

The quick-paced Journey to Camel-Lot is a mobile game that contains more than 100 micro-games, each with varying styles and objectives.

“I have always enjoyed micro-game based experiences such as WarioWare, Mario Party, and Fusion Frenzy,” said MABA Creative Director, Brady Held. “We wanted to create a fun, simple, fast-paced mobile game that incorporated micro-games in both single and multi-player settings, and we were surprised when we searched for other mobile IPs with similar concepts and couldn’t find one.”   

The game will capture attention by keeping users on their toes within a relative short window of play, a feature often present in mobile games. At its heart, the game’s focus is on an overarching story of a young man trying to become a Knight of the Round Table.

“We really enjoy the older arcade-style games that were both gratifying instantaneously and in the long-run, and we can deliver on both within Journey to Camel-Lot,” Brady continued.

For more information about Journey to Camel-Lot, please visit the game’s on-line Kickstarter page at


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